Our House

This blog is to track the renovation of our first home. We want to keep track of what we did and how so we can see how we learnt and improved, and one day when we’re old and grey look back and be proud of our creations.

We’re armed with a stack of my mum’s old Better Homes & Gardens magazines, a desire to to our bit to save the planet, save money and create a practical, cosy house.

Our house is a typical 1970′s house in Canberra. It’s a brick three bedroom, one bath, one toilet, one living room house built up on foundations. Alex loves decks and timber floors so for us a house on foundations was preferable to a slab on ground.

When we got the house most of the rooms were carpeted (including the bathroom). The first thing we did was rip up the old, tired carpet to expose lovely Tasmanian Ash floorboards. They still need to be sanded back to remove the markings from the carpet underlay, however for now they still make the house lighter and feel more like ours (because we can do things like rip up carpets, goodbye renting!)

We bought the house for it’s potential. Alex looked at it and saw and bunch of things he could accomplish with his awesome carpentering skills.

Quick tour of the house (as bought in August 2012)